Don’t call it a comeback!

Well it’s not. I’ve never felt the need to blog before, after all I really don’t have anything profound to share with the world. So this is definitely not a comeback, ok!

I’ve been getting some great tapes from various sites for a while now and today realised that its time I started to share some of the tapes I’ve got sitting round in boxes in my loft.

Hopefully someone will enjoy them in the future as much as I have over the years.


4 Responses to Don’t call it a comeback!

  1. Waxer says:

    Nice one! Saw your tag for this on the HOUKHH forum, I’ll be checking your RSS feed for some dope rips!

    Peace, Waxer

  2. verge says:

    Word, the tapes you got up so far already look promising. Irish Craig from Hotasballs blog linked me here from the TROY forum.
    Looking forward to everything you’re gonna bring!!

  3. Ben "Repo' says:

    Nice one, Chris.
    If only everyone had the same attitude I swear we could piece together every show we ever heard back in the day!

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