Rare Dave Presents…Rare Frequencies

Heres another dope tape that I have no idea where I got it from. I’ve a vague memory that I sent away for it from another UK head…but other than that, nothing!


Side A

01. Common Sense – Bitch In Yoo (different lyrics)
02. LL Cool J – Funkadelic Relic (unreleased)
03. KRS-1 – Outta Here (unreleased Mr Magic diss version)
04. Tragedy – Death Row (unreleased)
05. Tragedy – At Large (unreleased)
06. Tragedy – Adolescents At War (unreleased)
07. Tragedy – Death Row (unreleased)
08. Tragedy – (anti-cop track – banned)
09. Redman – (unreleased ‘Whut Thee Album’ skit)
10. Q-Tip radio promo
11. Afrika Bambaata & Time Zone – In A Minute
12. Live Squad – Shit List
13. EPMD – Crossover (Trunk mix)
14. Double XX Posse – Executive Class

Side B

01. Westwood The Mack intro
02. MC Poet/PHD – I’m Flippin’
03. Gravediggaz – Michael Jackson skit (unreleased)
04. The Dogg Pound – NIggaz Dont Give A Fuck remix (unreleased)
05. Ron-G – Stop The Break (feat. Raekwon, KRS, BIG & OC)
06. Big Daddy Kane – Sing My Song (unreleased)
07. Juice Crew Christmas Freestyle (feat. Kane, Roxanne, Shan & Fly Ty)
08. Zulu Nation MC’s – Zulu War Chant
09. LL Cool J – The Year Of Hip Hop (unreleased)
10. Big Daddy Kane freestyle circa 1989
11. Redman – I Can’t Wait (unreleased remix)
12. Erick Sermon & Keith Murray – Its My Thing Pt 2
13. Mell’o – Gone Crazy


4 Responses to Rare Dave Presents…Rare Frequencies

  1. aleph says:

    Top to bottom, start to finish, dope dope DOPE!!! Thanks!

  2. scjoha says:

    This is great! Many thanks for this tape!

  3. scjoha says:

    Damn, gotta say it once more – fucking great! So many gems – some of them I heard before, but the two LL songs and the gravediggaz skit are definitely new to me. Also the tragedy songs – are those the Black Rage demos?
    And again – thank for this tape!

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