DJ Supreme – The Basement Show (1xtra) 10-08-2003

I have already put this up on the HeroesOfUKHipHop forum, but as this is my blog I’m gonna stick it up here too.

This one isn’t from a dusty tape, but a DAB recording from BBC Radio 1Xtra, back in 2003 when (I thought) it was actually worth listening to. Unfortunately the recording stops before the last couple of tunes, but as this seems to be the only recording around (let me know if you have the full show), this is better than nothing.

new link (13/12/10)


Newtrament – London Bridge Is Fallin Down (Jive)
Phase One – Pleasure Seeker (Westside)
The Rapologists ft Whizz Kids – Kids Pearce (Billy Boy Records)
Three Wize Men – Kuttin Wikki (Rhythm King)
Wild Binch – Tearing Down The Avenue (4th & Broadway)
Monie Love – Free Style (Tuff Groove)
Thrash Pack – Cooling In Paradise (Music Of Life)
Cash Crew – You Can’t Stop This (Vinyl Solution)
London Posse – London Posse (Big Life)
Asher D Daddy Freddy – Ragamuffin Hip Hop (Profile)
Asher D Daddy Freddy – Brutality (Profile)
Atorie – It’s My Time (Consicous Music)
She Rockers – Give It A Rest (Music Of Life)
Demon Boyz – Rugher Than An Animal (Music Of Life)
Style Wars – Style Wars (Music Of Life)
Demon Boyz – This Is A Jam (Style Records)
Demon Boyz – Northside (Music Of Life)
Demon Boyz – Lyrical Culture (Music Of Life)
MC Mello – Comin Correct (Republic Records)
MC Duke – Miracles (Music Of Life)
Cookie Crew – Born This Way (FFRR)
Blade – Lyrical Maniac (Raw Bass)
She Rockers – Get Up On This (Jive)
SL Troopers ft Sweet Pea – MOvement (Music OF Life)
Hijack – Doomsday OF Rap (Music Of LIfe)
Hunt Killbury Finn, Shakh Shaz Zam & Ice Pick – Burial Proceedings In The Course OF There Knights (Music Of LIfe)
MightyEthnic 2- Harmony Hall (Lay Low)
Overlord X – 2 Bad (Mango Street)
Overlord X – Weapon is my Lyric (Mango Street)
Overlord X – You Oughta Get Rushed (Island Records)
Cookie Crew – Pick Up On This (FFRR)
Demon Boyz – Recognition (Music Of Life)
Merlin – Born Free (Rhythm King)
Blade – Survival Of The Hardest Working EP (691 Influential)
Sindecut – Live The Life (Virgin)
Killa Instinct – The Bambi Murders (Hardcore)
Hardnoise – Untitled (Music Of Life)
Son Of Noise – Son Of Noise (Music Of Life)
Bloodfire Assault – Hip Hop Assault (Music Of Life)
Kinetic Effect – Borderin Insanity (Insane Record)
Silver Bullet – Undercover Anarchists (Parlophone)
GunShot – Patriot Games (Vinyl Solution)
GunShot – Clear From Present Danger (Vinyl Solution)
London Posse – Money Mad (Mango Street)
Demon Boyz – Vibes (Music Of Life)
Hijack – Hold No Hostage (Music Of Life)


2 Responses to DJ Supreme – The Basement Show (1xtra) 10-08-2003

  1. Fishwaah says:

    It’s not there…could you upload it again?

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