DJ Seb & DJ Fever – Radio One Rap Show – Jan 1997

This tape dates back to Jan 1997, when Westwood used to regularly have guest DJ’s up to BBC Radio One and features two dj sets – DJ Fever – from my home town of Nottingham and was formerly down with OutDaVille and DJ Seb, who I know nothing at all about! DJ Seb, if you are out there, let us know a little something about yourself!


3 Responses to DJ Seb & DJ Fever – Radio One Rap Show – Jan 1997

  1. WARZ says:

    Dope blog ya got here bro, big up from NottZ!!!

    I remember tapin’ this back in the day, and I seem to think Seb is also from NottZ.
    I’ve not heard of him before or since but I can vaguely recall Timmy W chattin’ to Seb and Fever and it was possibly mentioned that they had both travelled down from Nottingham together.

  2. verge says:

    If it’s the same Seb, he’s dude who did some production for Juggaknots under the name “Smoke Signalz” and that Smiley the Ghetto Child joint “No Win Situation”, among other things. Thanks for another tape rip, will peep this!!

  3. Dj Seb says:

    Dj seb is out there it’s me!!! My friend send me this today. Yes i am from Nottz (Aspley) but now reside in London. Out of the ville!! we were one of the first uk groups to go on The radio 1 Tim Westwoods. We both appeared again on radio 1 mix masters weekend on 2 more occasion, i must find the tapes!! show, shout to Beenie, big Trevor, Courtney, Law Ramsey . I dj-ed for Out of the ville with Fever, infact we dj-ed together on Saturday 07/11/2011. Fever as you all know is an amazingly talented dj, and i happy to say he is easy to find, djing all over the UK and Dubai on a regular basis.

    Any question holla.

    As for me, i did not disapper, i left out of the ville and joined Honky who were signed to sony at the time . Once the deal ended the rest as we say is history !

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