Doo Wop – Dooism2

Doo Wop mix played on BBC Radio One back in the day (this was on the other side of the DJ Cash Money mix, so would have been broadcast at a similar date.


DJ Cash Money – WKIS Headtwister [BBC Radio One Dec 1997]

This is more like it, to me the best party rockin DJ ever….DJ Cash Money. Yes I know his vinyl output wasn’t great, but with skills like his…really, who cares.

“The green eyed brother, brother with the green eyes”

“Ugly, ugly people will you please be quiet”

Guidance Manchester – One In The Jungle – 25.05.97

As part of a series of live programs from Manchester in 1997 (might have been “In the City” or something like that), BBC Radio One broadcast a special for One in the Jungle at a night called Guidance. This tape isn’t a full 90 mins as the first 10-15 mins of my tape have the last bit of the preceding Pete Togn show (which I have edited out. I guess I must have gone out before it started and just left the tape running.

I think this tape has some local boys on and Doc Scott, but more details will at the excellent One In The Jungle archive

Marley Marl & Kev-E-Kev – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange – May 1999

Another Marley Marl tape from the Rap exchange, this time riding with Kev-E-Kev (I have no idea if this is him of Fantastic 5 fame?) and featuring Cormega in the studio (or so they say, I havent listened to all this tape in a while)

Coldcut Mixes – Kiss 100 FM

The origins of this tape are a bit of a mystery, though I think I might have got it from repo136, back in the day when he was doing the Juice fanzine. Repo if you see this, I would love to know?

Anyway, it consists of a load of mixes recorded from Coldcuts Solid Steel show on Kiss100 in I would guess late 80’s or early 90’s. This is a special tape to me as I have listened to it so many times, Coldcut – you were definitely “ahead of your time”!

Mr Dibbs – Turntable Scientifics

Another tape that I got from Dave The Ruf, some years ago. Wikipedia says that Turntable Scientifics dates from 1995, which sounds about right to me.

Soulman – World of Beats Vol. 3 – Off the Meat Rack‘s own Soulman this time with a sweet break tape…from what I remember I got this tape direct from Soulman, via the wonders of the internet!