Coldcut Mixes – Kiss 100 FM

The origins of this tape are a bit of a mystery, though I think I might have got it from repo136, back in the day when he was doing the Juice fanzine. Repo if you see this, I would love to know?

Anyway, it consists of a load of mixes recorded from Coldcuts Solid Steel show on Kiss100 in I would guess late 80’s or early 90’s. This is a special tape to me as I have listened to it so many times, Coldcut – you were definitely “ahead of your time”!


2 Responses to Coldcut Mixes – Kiss 100 FM

  1. Ben "Repo' says:

    That might well be from my tape stash, Chris.
    I know I have this on a treasured cassette somewhere as it was quite a momentous era we were entering into. KISS FM in London had just acquired their legal license and this recording features Coldcut’s first-ever ‘legal’ show.
    Another important aspect of this tape is that – and I’ll bore anyone I know with this fact – I was the first person to ever get a shout out on the Coldcut Solid Steel show! Check it just after that first mix – when I was still living in Guildford!

    Incidentally, Chris what name did you go under back in those days of Juice? I’m almost certain that you sent in a photo once!

  2. statichiss says:

    Thought so…small world, hip hop in the UK! Twenty years later me meet up!!

    I can honestly say I have no idea what name I was using back then, but am confident it would have been wack! I definitely wouldn’t have sent a photo though, far too shy.

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