The Dust Brothers – Essential Mix – 04.03.95

Nice mix from The Dust Brothers, this is before they had to change their name to the Chemical Brothers

Tracklist (not all these will be on the mix as my tape is a C90 and the show was two hours.

Jean Jacques-Perrey - EVA
Meat Beat Manifesto - Cutman [Play It Again Sam]
Schooly D - Housing The Joint [Jive]
Funkmaster Flex - Nuttin But Flavor [Wreck]
Spank Da Monkey - Down Side Up [Monkey Funk/Soul Trade]
Gunshot - Children Of A Dying Breed [Vinyl Solution]
John Schroeder - Money Runner [Polydor]
Jedi Nights - Funk You [Clear]
DJ Battery Brain - 8 Volts [Techno Hop]
The Beastie Boys - 33% God [Capitol]
Bobby J - Check Out The Style [Stripped]
Double D & Steinski - History Of Hiphop Part 1 [Tommy Boy]
Carlos Barrios - Can't [After Dark]
Carlos Barrios - Doin It After Dark [ATCO]
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart [ATCO]
Tim - Love - Lee - Again Son [Peace Feast]
Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock [Pandisc]
Khan - 4E [Forec Inc/Music Works]
Evolution - The Link EP
The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home [Junior Boys Own]
DJ Who - Give A Little More [Defective]
Xpando - To A Nation Rockin [Metro]
Emmanuel Top - Lobotomie [Nova Mute]
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows [Parlophone]
God Within - Daylight [Hardkiss Music]
The Chemical Bros - Life Is Sweet [Junior Boys Own]
Patrick Pulsinger - City Lights [Disko B]
Colourbox - Edit The Dragon [4AD]
The Specials - You're Wandering Now [Chrysalis Music]


DJ Craze – L.O.K.L (Rereleased Edition)

I picked this up about ten years ago I think from TurntableLab, nice little DJ Craze mixup.

Tim Westwood & Funkmaster Flex – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange – August 1997 – Part 1

Flexchange time again…why didn’t they ever call it that? That would have been dope.

Yard Juggling #12

Another street compilation bought on a school trip, possibly about 1991. This is pure ragga style early 90’s.

The insert says “New Flower Stall, Elephant & Castle Outdoor Market – Exclusive Lick”, no idea if thats were I got it though.

Heavy Funk

This is a homemade compilation that I bought of someone in the street in London (possibly Camden) on a school trip in 1988. We were supposed to be visiting the natural history museum, but I wasn’t having that…i wanted to go and check the underground and shops….we didn’t even set foot in the museum…those were the days!

Mostly JB’s and related acts on here…some nice breaks too!

Tim Westwood & DJ Clue – BBC Radio One Rap Show – June 1997

DJ Clue alongside “superfresh to death”…ahem, Tim Westwood.

Chuck Chillout & Marley Marl – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange

Mysterious tape, unusually for me no dates, just who it is…but listening its gotta be 96/97.