Chris Goldfinger – Mid 90’s tape

Bit of a mystery tape, its labelled merely as Chris Goldfinger, listening back it sounds like a mid 90’s tape of his Reggae Dancehall show.


Cypha Sounds – BBC Radio One – 2000

Cypha Sounds guesting on the BBC Radio One Rap Show from back in 2000.

DJ Krust – One in the Jungle – 03-05-96

DJ Krust needs little introduction, but in my opinion on of Jungles true auteurs, able to deliver boundary pushing slabs of beat science and straight up dancefloor burners.

Marley Marl & Pete Rock – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange – Nov 98

Marley Marl and Pete Rock bring Future Flavas to BBC Radio One on the Rap Exchange.

Bryan Gee – One in the Jungle – Jan 97

V Recordings boss Bryan Gee delivering a personal favourite One in the Jungle set, way back in Jan 1997.

DJ Cash Money – BBC Radio One Rap Show – 01.07.96

“The green eyed brother, brother with the green eyes” back up in BBC Radio One again…oh yeah!

MRB, Spyda & Colonel D – The Scene 107 FM – Sep 97

Nice little tape from long forgotten Notts pirate station of local legends MRB & MC Spyda, joined by Colonel D. My love of Jungle (or Drum and Bass as it had become) was waning by this time, so this is one of the latest ones I have, but worth it because I always had a soft spot for Spyda.