Chris Goldfinger – Radio One Reggae Show – 1996

Can’t be more specific with the date on this one, but I pretty definite that it is 1996.


Marley Marl – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange – Feb 99

I don’t care who’s first or who’s last, I just know you better rock this on the drop of a dime baby…

Brockie, Mampi Swift & MC Det – One in the Jungle – 12.12.96

Nice little B2B set from Brockie and Mampi Swift, with MC Det on mic duties.

And if you liked this one, Uncle Dugs had Brockie and Det on his rinse show last week, where they dropped some knowledge in a great interview and then killed it in the mix, podcast is up here

DJ Hype – Jungle Love, Nottingham

Great DJ Hype tape from Jungle Love, which took place at the Marcus Garvey Centre in Notts in either 94 or 95.

4 Hero – One in the Jungle – October 96

Mark “Marc Mac” Clair & Dennis “Dego” McFarlane up in the Radio 1 studios, shame this wasn’t a Tom & Jerry set, but there you go!

Roni Size – One in the Jungle – 07.06.96

The Bristol connection again, outside of the capital, Bristol was obviously the second centre of jungle and this mix captures the reason why very well…hold tight for Roni Size b2b Krust @ The End…coming soon.

Funkmaster Flex & Tim Westwood – BBC Radio One Rap Exchange – 08.10.96

This ones for you Mr Cee, whatever the truth is, hold your head up.