Recordio – Android Streaming Radio Recorder

Things have been a bit quiet over here recently as I have been busy writing an Android phone app to play and record streaming radio (don’t worry though, there’s still plenty more tapes to come!).

So I just wanted to take a minute to whore it here, in the hope that some of you might find it as useful as I do. I’ve wanted a way to record streaming radio on my phone for a while now and whilst lots of other apps do this, I couldn’t find one to reliably do scheduled recording. Well, I’m a developer by trade, so decided to write one myself and released it last week.

If you have an Android device, an interest in radio and £0.59 to spare, then the link is here:

Sorry for the blatand spammage! More tapes to come soon, promise

Update: I don’t usually return to earlier posts, but as people are still hitting this page, just wanted to say that since this post I have made several updates to Recordio, including allowing in-app playback, support for bluetooth headphone support and lots of other small features (and bugfixes). Please buy…kids to feed!

Update 2: Now with Jellybean compatability


5 Responses to Recordio – Android Streaming Radio Recorder

  1. Ben Repo says:

    Desperately trying to think of what could possibly be worth recording off the radio. Especially on, I dunno, Thursday evenings..that’s my ‘early to bed with a cup of cocoa’ night 🙂

    Seriously though, I hope this does the business. I have to confess to not having an iPhone or indeed any ‘media-type’ phone myself so it wouldn’t be a lot of use to me. My mind is already boggling due to the fact that you’re one of ‘those people’ that is able to make apps.


    • statichiss says:

      Cheers Ben. Soon as Waxer has a permanent mp3 stream (as opposed to ustream/flash etc), I’ll make sure its pride of place in the favourites for everyone. I tested it with last weeks show and it worked perfectly.

      Don’t hold it against me though that I am one of “those people” though!

      Still can’t quite believe really that I can record radio from around the world, on something a 1/3 of the size of a walkman. That really would have seemed like something from Star Wars back in the 80’s. Up in the Midlands, the Capital Rap Show was an unobtainable dream!

      • verge says:

        Word, I remember when I had to bounce from NJ to Arizona in 98 and I had no means at all to listen to, let alone record, the stretch n Bobbito show and the other great college radio of that era. It drove me nuts! I had never been online back then and was bothering the few people I did know to let me listen online but it never worked. This would have been perfect.
        Myself, I also don’t have a “media type” phone either or any cellphone for that matter. But I appreciate the ingenuity and work you put in to develop this. Props!!

  2. spitswap says:

    any plans to update this? I have a Nexus 7 and it says that it is not compatible

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