Mr Magic – WBLS 20.12.86

RIP Super Rockin Mr Magic

WBLS and Juice Crew legend Mr Magic! This is part of a NY Radio 6 tape pack that I got from Dave the Ruf, about 15 years ago. All the rest are to come but for now, all there is to say is…if you dont know Mr Magic, then you don’t know £$%!


4 Responses to Mr Magic – WBLS 20.12.86

  1. verge says:

    Thanks!! Downloading now and will love taking a trip back to 86 tonight. Again, RIP to the god of all rap radio.

  2. IRISH CRAIG says:

    Dude, this is really really appreciated. What a show, some serious music on here; Frick n Frack, edits of Masters of Ceremony, Steady B, and great that Magics presentation has been left unedited and intact.

    The Listeners Top 3 Records of 1986 is such a throwback too, incredible tape, dont hesitate to drop more of those puppys. As I always do, I tracklisted as I listened through it, what is that version of My Melody about, how many versions are there with different keys on em?

    Doug E Fresh – She Was The Type Of Girl
    The Uptown Crew – Uptown Is Kickin’ It
    Salt N’ Pepa – My Mic Sounds Nice
    Frick And Frack – You Shouldn’t Have Done It [Dub]
    Frick And Frack – You Shouldn’t Have Done It [Vocal]
    Masters of Ceremony – Sexy [Omar Santana Fierce Bonus Beats]
    Masters of Ceremony – Sexy [Vocal]
    Shouts and Requests
    Bizmarkie – Make The Music [Dub]
    Magic reminders
    Marley Marl – He Cuts So Fresh

    Whodini – One Love
    MC Shan & Swann- Left Me Lonely
    Magic – Rap Attack Listeners Top 3 Records of 1986
    Doug E Fresh – Play This Only at Night [Nuthin’ But The Beat]
    Rakim – My Melody [Different keyboards?]
    Sweet Tee – Its My Beat [Acca]
    Sweet Tee – Its My Beat [Vocal]
    Kool G Rap – Im Fly [Dub]
    Kool G Rap – Im Fly
    Magic – More Listeners Top 3 Records
    High Power – Queens Is Fresh
    Dana Dane – Delancey Street
    Steady B – Nuthin But The Bass
    Salt N Pepa – Tramp

  3. IRISH CRAIG says:

    No sweat fella. I totally get it. I only do it as I lose count of what shows im sittin on, and cant remember the dates and difference between which ones I really enjoy and which shows are a bit wack tbh.

    As ever man, much appreciated, really enjoyin this one and looking forward with much anticipation for the rest


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