Mo2vation – Sunset Fm – May 1992

Another Sunset FM tape (sadly on 45 minutes) from my time in Manchester, this time its someone the internet doesn’t seem to have much on…the mighty Mo2vation. Coming from a long time hip hop background, this show was a great intro for me to the rave scene as it featured really tight mixing and scratching.

Hopefully a few more of these tapes will turn up as I go through the boxes.


Movin Shadow Special – One in the Jungle – 09.08.96

Rob Playford and Rob Haigh (Omni Trio) in the mix on BBC Radio One’s One in the Jungle show.

Chris Goldfinger – Revival Session Three – 27.04.96

More classic reggae from Goldfinger on Radio 1 – even back then I preferred revival to modern tunes…dunno what that says!

A Guy Called Gerald – One in the Jungle – June 96

Manchester’s finest, the 28 gun bad boy, A Guy Called Gerald up at Radio One in June 1996, for One In The Jungle…

Love that picture!

Mr Magic – Rapattack – WBLS – Spring 1989

The official voice, live on WBLS sometime in spring 89 I think (sorry tape is mislabeled as Unknown WBLS 1988 and not tagged – must try harder!).

Marley Marl – WBLS

Whos in control? Marley Marls In Control on WBLS – YES! More golden era goodness from the archives.

Anyone know what happened to the In Control DVD that was supposed to be coming out?

Kevie Kev & T-Money – WBLS – 12-07-91

Tape four, this time Kevie Kev blessin’ WBLS in 1991.