Its been a long time…Funkmaster Flex & Tim Westwood – BBC Radio One & Hot 97 – 25.02.1995

Following all the mess that the takedown of megaupload left, I haven’t put up anything new in months. To be honest, I started to wonder if it was worth it. I know how many of my tapes have been grabbed and the vast majority of people cant even be bothered to say thanks.

This is my favourite/most played of all my Westwood/Flex tapes. I ripped it recently for an old friend, as it reminded him of a holiday we had in 95. As I had it lying around, I thought I may as well share here.

Who knows maybe it wont be the last?


9 Responses to Its been a long time…Funkmaster Flex & Tim Westwood – BBC Radio One & Hot 97 – 25.02.1995

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks, i appreciate you putting up the old westwood tapes, i had 100’s but foolishly threw them away when moving house, you bring back all those old memories, keep posting, thanks !

  2. WARZ says:

    Unfortunately, that is the curse of the blogger. All the leeching fuckers that can’t be arsed to type “thanks”. Makes ya feel like your doing it all for nothing.
    Keep up the good work and keep ya head up, mate.

  3. fred says:

    Nice one 4 all the tape rips. You r helping to keep good music and djs alive on the web. It brought back enuf memories listening to all the old rap exchange tapes. Its because of people like you, recording shows & uploading them, that u help to show people the development of hip hop in the UK. Big up yourself, respect is due …….

  4. Repo says:

    Paging Mr Zero……paging Mr Zero…… where you at, Chris?! Been a while, buddy.

    • statichiss says:

      Hey Reeps, I’m still here, just not posted much up here lately. Time to lively up though I think.

      Actually I pulled out a Juice tape the other day, alright with you if I put it up?

      • Repo says:

        Certainly is! Got to keep them doggies rolling…..
        I’ll do a post on my blog and send some traffic over here.


  5. jop says:

    thanx a lot for sharing this!
    cheers from italy

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