Mainline UK 1988

Well this one has me pretty much stumped. I don’t remember recording this at all. Its got quite an american sounding DJ, but google isn’t yielding much. There was a pirate in Sheffield busted in 1998, so it could have been recorded on a trip there or maybe a school trip to London!

Anyone know any more?


January 1989 Compilation

Not sure there will be an audience for these tapes, so we’ll see how this one goes.

Back in my younger days I saved money on tapes by just recording hip hop (or anything else I liked) whenever I heard it, on John Peel, local Notts pirate Heatwave etc and made my own compilations (Top 40 style).

Let me know if its worth my while to put any more of these up?


    Side A

DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Wheres the party at
Cookie Crew - Born this way (remix)
Jungle Brothers - Straight out the jungle (remix)
Longsy D - This is ska
Tone Loc - Wild Thing
QBC - Back to school
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Get on the mic
Sweet T - On the smooth tip
? - You know what time it is
Doug E Fresh - beatbox
Black, Rock & Ron - Thats how I'm livin
T La Rock - Its time to chill
Kool DJ Red Alert & Ultramagnetic MCs - Yeees

    Side B

Black Riot - A day in a life
Bad Boy Bill - Check this out
Roxanne Shante - ?
? & DJ Bones - Cold Rock Steady
Clark Kent - WBLS mix
Ultimate Breaks mix
Public Enemy / Run DMC Mix
Skinny Boys - I think its time
A Guy Called Gerald - Arcade
Pressure - House track
? - Let yourself go
Jungle Brothers - I'll house you
? - ?

Chris Goldfinger 1st show – 21/04/96 – BBC Radio 1

Chris Goldfingers first show on the Beeb, playing reggae across the board.

DJ SY, Marcus Garvey Centre, Notts, Jan 92

No idea where this tape originated from, I have written on it thats it “DJ SY & MC Natz, Marcus Garvery Centre, Notts, Jan 92”, which sounds about right.

Warning this isn’t a great recording, I’ve done my best to clean it up a little, but you can only work with what you got!

Dr S Gachet & Jack Smooth – One in the Jungle Dec 96

Dr S Gachet & Jack Smooth live in session from the Audio Maze studio, back to back for 90 minutes on One in the Jungle.

Randall Kiss100 16.11.94

…and just like that, we’re back. Thanks for all the positive comments, really going to try and get through all these tapes and finish what I have started!

So, first up we have a dear tape to me, Randall on Kiss, right in Jungles heyday. Loads of classics on this and some more obscure gems too.