January 1989 Compilation

Not sure there will be an audience for these tapes, so we’ll see how this one goes.

Back in my younger days I saved money on tapes by just recording hip hop (or anything else I liked) whenever I heard it, on John Peel, local Notts pirate Heatwave etc and made my own compilations (Top 40 style).

Let me know if its worth my while to put any more of these up?


    Side A

DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Wheres the party at
Cookie Crew - Born this way (remix)
Jungle Brothers - Straight out the jungle (remix)
Longsy D - This is ska
Tone Loc - Wild Thing
QBC - Back to school
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Get on the mic
Sweet T - On the smooth tip
? - You know what time it is
Doug E Fresh - beatbox
Black, Rock & Ron - Thats how I'm livin
T La Rock - Its time to chill
Kool DJ Red Alert & Ultramagnetic MCs - Yeees

    Side B

Black Riot - A day in a life
Bad Boy Bill - Check this out
Roxanne Shante - ?
? & DJ Bones - Cold Rock Steady
Clark Kent - WBLS mix
Ultimate Breaks mix
Public Enemy / Run DMC Mix
Skinny Boys - I think its time
A Guy Called Gerald - Arcade
Pressure - House track
? - Let yourself go
Jungle Brothers - I'll house you
? - ?



3 Responses to January 1989 Compilation

  1. MoJay says:

    Mos def appreciated…..Keep em coming!

  2. IRISH CRAIG says:

    No doubt Mr Hiss, always appreciated.

    For me? Personally I dont mind just having the music, without the ads or the presentation. Thatd be perfect-world actions having the whole shows but cmon, they are over 20 years old, no complaints whatsoever sir, just appreciate hearing these again. I especially liked this one cos the whole selection felt like a National Fresh show with different styles and genres, and I always favoured the Todd Terry type Hip-Housey type gear on this tape.

    Heatwave I’d never heard of so it was good to hear the I.D.’s too [im a sucker for those corny station IDs, love em].

    For me, its about the actual music, and the sound of that music, anything taped off the radio has added compression which beefs it by default.

    In answer to your question ‘Let me know if its worth my while to put any more of these up?’, I say NO DOUBT !!!

    Love to hear John Peel playin some Rap if yer holdin any of those old shows, those were incredible times for me as I was so far detached from anything cool [sleepy yet violent Belfast may have been burnt out like the Bronx but there was nothin ‘happenin’ round my way], my only way to hear new music was on his show. Peel played so many crackin records during the early days. I heard South Bronx for the first time on his show.

    Keep em comin fella, much appreciated as ever – CL

  3. Mista WARZ says:

    Yeah man, any old Heatwave shit is much appreciated. I’ve got many fond memories of the Heatwave Hip Hop shows from Docta D thru to 1step Ahead and even Styly Cee in later years.

    I’m still holding quite a few old Heatwave tapes myself, even though I dubbed over a couple of ’em with stupid shit like recording myself freestylin’ or shaggin’ my ex-missus back in the day. I can remember Docta D playin’ excerpts from shit like the NMS dj battles in 86/87, and literally I’d only managed to track down digital rips of the NMS stuff this year.

    Any long lost UK tape rip that is put out on the internet is literally priceless, and an important addition to the annals of UKHH history.

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