Mainline UK 1988

Well this one has me pretty much stumped. I don’t remember recording this at all. Its got quite an american sounding DJ, but google isn’t yielding much. There was a pirate in Sheffield busted in 1998, so it could have been recorded on a trip there or maybe a school trip to London!

Anyone know any more?


3 Responses to Mainline UK 1988

  1. IRISH CRAIG says:

    Lovin the mystery of it all.

    I have a sanguine approach to things like this, I think it could be just a random pause tape of stuff Ive heard before, or it could reveal some random gem that hasnt been mentioned or heard in over 20 years.

    Besides, 88 was the golden era so…

    Lookin forward to checkin this over the weekend

    Thanks again


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