January 1989

More good for you beats from Nottingham, January 1989.

Side A

MC Shan - A girl named Cocaine (Live)
Terence Clarke - WBLS Mix
3D - Who is this
3D - Crushin & Bussin (Remix)
Jazzy Joyce - New Music Seminar 87
Choice - Make some noise
Chill Rob G - Wild Pitch
MC Shan - Do it out in the park
Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
DJ Cheese - Live @ UK Fresh 86
London Posse (?) - Get Funky
Ultramagnetic MCs - Aint it good to ya
Kaos - For the money
Super Love Cee & Casonova Rudd - Pump it back
Skinny Boys - Get Pepped

Side B
Mantronix - Live @ UK Fresh
Awesome Dre - You cant hold me back
Steady B - Serious
Tone Loc - Loced after dark
45 King break
45 King break
Overlord X - Weapon is my lyric
DJ Kid Wizard - Drop the heavy metal
Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of kane
Biz Markie - Pickin Boogers
Super Love Cee & Casonova Rudd - Do the James
Wildstyle beats
Ultramagnetic MCs - Aint it good to ya
Ultramagnetic MCs - I'm not haven it



December 1991

Another compilation tape, this time from December 1991. The tracklist below is exactly as written on the inlay, some of these I know are not strictly correct, but I liked the idea of transcribing it as I wrote it back then!

Side A
Run DMC – Beats to the rhyme
Ice Cube – ?
Tuff Crew – North town vilains
Godfather Don -Read the lines
Watermelon Man – Another one for you to envy
Scarface – A born killer
Leaders of the New School – Levels of imagination
Home T & Cocoa T – Hip Hop
Noddy Ranks – Word Up
Mr Tongue Twista – Word up
D Nice – Cant stop the flow
Slick Rick – King (remix)
Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes – Come on down
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’

Side B
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
Del – ?
Mr Tongue Twista – Incredible
Del – Mr Doblener (remix)
4PM – Shes in there
Lord Finesse – Return of the funky man
Outlaw – Outlaws theme
Outlaw – Sons of the devil
Sir Mix A Lot – One times got no case
A Tribe Called Quest – We got the jazz
Red Ninja FBI – Killin at hellz gate
Juvenile Committee


Mark Goodiers Evening Session – DJs Take Control! – BBC Radio One

Don’t worry, good old Mark G is NOT getting funky on the wheels here….this was a recording live from the Middlesborough Arena, featuring the following:

– Kommision
– Carl Cox
– Utah Saints (I know, I didn’t choose them)
– SL2
– Altern 8

I think Frankie Knuckles was also on the show, but the tape didn’t last that long.


December 1988

Heres what I was bumping in December 1989, most you will know I’m sure, but the DJ Pogo live bit might be an exclusive…queue Westwood style boom

Side A

DJ Cheese – UK Fresh 86
DJ Pogo – Live at Rock City (Notts)
JAzzy Jeff – Live
GRandmaster Flash – Kid named Flash
DJ Cash Money – ?
Trouble – I get hype
Sweet T – Christmas Bells
Grandmaster Flash interview
Dougie Fresh interview

Side B

T La Rock – Its Yours
De la Soul – Jenifa (taught me)
KRS1 interview
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvellous – The mighty hard rocker
Skinny Boys – Listen to the plan
Heavy D – Overweight lover
Original Concept – Can u feel it
Coldcut – megamix
Coldcut – JB megamix
Longzy D – Reggae Hip Hop
Ultramagnetic MCs – MCs Ultra
2 Kool Posse – Do you wanna
Outlaw Posse – In effect
Top Billin’ MCs – Straight from the soul
BDP – Na go commercial
Don Baron – Action
BDP – Still #1 (remix)
Jamel – Turn up the radio


Wax Presents Reinforced Records – Past, Present & Future

Looks like this came free with a 1996 issue of Wax magazine…


Public Enemy – Live @ Reading 92

When Jay-Z was still hustlin’, Public Enemy blew away a crowd more used to guitars and wailing. This text below is from a 2008 article in the Observer about the gig by Chucky D:

My memory of playing Reading was trying to rip it to shreds. I knew we were the first hip hop act to headline a major UK festival. Bring it on! We would have welcomed someone saying they didn’t want us, like Noel Gallagher said about Jay-Z at Glastonbury, cos that just gives us more reasons to tear it up. When we first started a lot of people said rap couldn’t cut it live and we wanted to prove that turntables, microphones and stage gymnastics could be just as energetic as banging a guitar.

We were the first rap group to be able to handle festivals; we’d toured with Anthrax in 1991 and that helped us understand stage intensity. I’d heard Reading was a heavy metal festival but what we had was heavier than metal, we had heavy mental. Plus we had Flavor Flav, he could get away with anything, he’s a wild card, the only person in hip hop who’s never been imitated, the greatest hype man ever.

If anyone said anything about us they said it really quiet. There’s always something with Public Enemy. People say Jay-Z is the Rolling Stones of rap, but he’s more like Bowie or maybe Rod Stewart. Run DMC are the Beatles, Kanye West is Elton John and Kool Keith is Frank Zappa. I don’t know whether Flav is Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, but we’re definitely the Rolling Stones of rap.

Power and speed, that’s the way it goes. That’s what ‘Bring The Noise’ was about, us saying, if you consider us noise then we’re going to bring it, harder than you can take. We knew there was a contingent that was going to do their thing and there were enough of them to convince everybody else they could get off on the rebellion and the power and the noise. I saw a bunch of whirlpools in the crowd at Reading, we were the first rap group that ever had a mosh pit. It wasn’t about Public Enemy, it was about us standing up for rap music.


Rob Playford ‎– Wax And Moving Shadow Audio Couture Present – A Deeper Shade Of Drum ‘n’ Bass

This is a free tape given away with Wax magazine. I have no recollection of wax magazine, so I guess it must have been pretty shortlived. Images borrowed from discogs as I counted be bother scanning my own.