December 1988

Heres what I was bumping in December 1989, most you will know I’m sure, but the DJ Pogo live bit might be an exclusive…queue Westwood style boom

Side A

DJ Cheese – UK Fresh 86
DJ Pogo – Live at Rock City (Notts)
JAzzy Jeff – Live
GRandmaster Flash – Kid named Flash
DJ Cash Money – ?
Trouble – I get hype
Sweet T – Christmas Bells
Grandmaster Flash interview
Dougie Fresh interview

Side B

T La Rock – Its Yours
De la Soul – Jenifa (taught me)
KRS1 interview
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvellous – The mighty hard rocker
Skinny Boys – Listen to the plan
Heavy D – Overweight lover
Original Concept – Can u feel it
Coldcut – megamix
Coldcut – JB megamix
Longzy D – Reggae Hip Hop
Ultramagnetic MCs – MCs Ultra
2 Kool Posse – Do you wanna
Outlaw Posse – In effect
Top Billin’ MCs – Straight from the soul
BDP – Na go commercial
Don Baron – Action
BDP – Still #1 (remix)
Jamel – Turn up the radio


5 Responses to December 1988

  1. IRISH CRAIG says:

    SH – Is this the KRS interview where he’s introducing Self Destruction for the first time, and Melodie is in the studio ?

    Lookin forward to clockin these Grandmaster Flash & Dougie Fresh interviews, top work !

    Much respect and thanks as ever



  2. IRISH CRAIG says:

    Haha, maybe not the SD interview then. More Heatwave action im guessin ? Who’s that interviewing KRS ?

    • statichiss says:

      Sorry mate, missed your earlier comment. Yes thats from heatwave, its DJ One Step Ahead. He’s not great to be honest. I saw him a few months ago, supporting a Master Ace gig and couldn’t believe that in the 20 years since I last saw him, he still hasn’t learnt to scratch!

      • Mista WARZ says:

        One Step was notoriously shite, I dunno how he ever got the Heatwave spot, Docta D was far better. I was privilaged to my own personal DJ show by One Step as he tried to flog me some wax in an independant record shop that I forget the name of, I hadn’t got the heart to tell him he was crap and most of the records he was trying to foist on me was shit too. Although he did sell me a couple of Kold Sweat 12’s as I recall.

  3. Repo says:

    Nice to hear some of these tracks again and good to hear a different dj/radio station (to these ears anyway!) playing them rather than Westwood.

    I noticed that you sneaked in some bonus listening action, Chris ;0)

    **December 1998 – Side A 2**

    The Big Beat Show National Fresh – Jeff Young Radio 1

    01 Tony Scott – The Chief
    02 Def Jeff – Dropping Rhymes On Drums
    03 The DOC – Portrait Of A Masterpiece
    04 Donald D – FBI
    05 De La Soul & Queen Latifah – Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children


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