February / March 1991

Side A

Redhead Kingpin - ?
Hardnoise - Mice in the presence of the lion
Rappa Grove - On the soul tip
Interview with MSD and the Rappa Groove
Krispy 3 - The Sound
Redhead Kingpin - All about red
Redhead Kingpin - We don't have a plan B
K Solo - Fugitive
Eric B & Rakim - Back to the lab
Brooklyn Slang - ?
Comptons most wanted - ?
Caveman - Fry you like fish (remix)
K Solo - Tales from the crackside

Side B
Eric B & Rakim - Let the rhythm hit em
Lakim Shabazz - See a devil, smash em
Criminal Minds - Guilty
Louis Farakhan mix
Chubb Rock - Whats the word
? - I got style
Leaders of the new school - PTA
? - Family
? - ?
Steady B - Girls gonna get
Chubb Rock - Sayin nuthin
Low Profile - Doin this together



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