June / July 1991

…and now we return to the classics…

Side A

Big Daddy Kane - Keep em on the floor
Heavy D - Dont curse
Son of bazerk - Its called...
Jazzy Jeff - Summertime
3rd Bass & Chubb Rock - Kick em in the grill
Ragga Twins - Jugglin
KMD - Misterhood
Ice T - Lifestyles
Cut 2 Kll - Jus Coolin (remix)
Tuff Crew - Jimmy Crackhorn
Subsonic 2 - Unsung Heroes
MBP Posse - It dont mean a thing
Breaks mix

Side BRedhead Kingpin - Love thing
Darren Deair - Just watch me
Dodge City - Aint going for that
Black Radical - My radix point
Naughty by nature - OPP
Brotherhood - Just a manifester
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good life
Cookie Crew - Secret of success
Stanrick - Easy my youth
Black Sheep - In the mean time
Naughty By Nature - OPP
Heavy D - Peaceful Journey



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