DJ Hype, Clarkee & Ray Keith – Dreamscape IV – 29.05.92

This tape precedes my first rave by a couple of months, so I imagine it might well be one of my first ‘rave’ tapes!

Shame it only had five years in it for me…but what a five years!


L Double – Kiss 106 – February 1996

L Double live on the ‘northern kiss’, with DBO General lounging in the studio. Always was a fan of L Doubles rollin style jungle, so this was a particular treat to catch this show. I have no idea how I managed to record this one…

Jeff Young – National Fresh 28.12.90 (last ever show)

Jeff Young, UK hip hop radios forgotten man. If you didn’t live in the capital or near a decent pirate, you were stuck with BBC Radio 1. Before Pete Tong dominated Friday nights on R1, Jeff kicked the doors in with his Big Beat show, of which the last hour was National Fresh. I was introduced to so many dope tunes by Jeffs dulcet tones and this is sadly Jeffs last show on Radio 1.

Beats, Rhymes and basslines….


Young MC - I come off
BDP - Ya know the rules
Hijack - Style warriors revenge
A tribe called quest - Bonnita Applebum
Master Ace - I got ta
Run DMC - Whats it all about
LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out
King Bee - Back by dope demand
Public Enemy - Welcome to the terrordome
Blade - Mind of an ordinary citizen
NWA - 100 miles and runnin

December 1990

Just in case you have forgot just how good December 1990 was…


First Frontal Assualt - Hits from small arms fire
Gangstarr - Just to get a rep
? - The swing
Gangstarr - Whos gonna take the weight
Ice Cube - Jackin for beats
Gangstarr - Check the technique
? - Back to the point
Fixed Penalty - Man of action
Brand Nubian - Concerto in X minor
Big Daddy Kane - Keep em on the floor
Brand Nubian - Slow down
Ice Cube - Jackin for beats
Brand Nubian - One for all
? - Family of People

Public Enemy – Birmingham Hummingbird – 11/10/88

Another dodgy quality, but true classic PE live tape. Right in their prime too…Birmingham, England…consider yourselves warned!