Jeff Young – National Fresh 28.12.90 (last ever show)

Jeff Young, UK hip hop radios forgotten man. If you didn’t live in the capital or near a decent pirate, you were stuck with BBC Radio 1. Before Pete Tong dominated Friday nights on R1, Jeff kicked the doors in with his Big Beat show, of which the last hour was National Fresh. I was introduced to so many dope tunes by Jeffs dulcet tones and this is sadly Jeffs last show on Radio 1.

Beats, Rhymes and basslines….


Young MC - I come off
BDP - Ya know the rules
Hijack - Style warriors revenge
A tribe called quest - Bonnita Applebum
Master Ace - I got ta
Run DMC - Whats it all about
LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out
King Bee - Back by dope demand
Public Enemy - Welcome to the terrordome
Blade - Mind of an ordinary citizen
NWA - 100 miles and runnin


6 Responses to Jeff Young – National Fresh 28.12.90 (last ever show)

  1. No link mate… I look forward to hearing this as Jeff Young was a regular in my house… being a Midlander it was all I had to listen to radio-wise.

  2. Keith says:

    Appreciate this, do you have anymore Flex/Westwood tapes on the way my friend?

  3. Mike Check says:

    Excellent work, one of the unsung, and largely forgotten, heroes of UK hip hop history. Looking forward to hearing this (again)!

  4. Keith says:

    Awesome, look forward to them!, Thanks again for all the dope stuff you post here.

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