DJ SS & Mental Power – One in the Jungle – Dec 96

Leicesters finest DJ SS (or DJ 55 as I remember someone regret calling him!) in the mix for BBC Radio 1


February 1989

Nice bit of WBLS Chuck Chillout and DJ Cheese live in Nottingham, courtesy of Notts pirate Heatwave.

Side A

BDP - Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs - Break North
Top Billin MCs - Straight from the soul
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Got the funk
Young MC - I let em know
Def Jef - On the real tip
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin

Side B
Ice T - Hunted Child
B Fats - Music Maestro
Stetsasonic - Pen & paper
Sugar Bear - Ready to penetrate
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Ugly people be quiet
Everlast - Syndication
Ms Melodie - Sing all night
B Boys - Rock the house
Chuck Chillout WBLS mix
? - Portrait of a rap star
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin
3D - Increase the peace
DJ Cheese - Live at Rock City, Notts
Cold Crush Brothers - Trooper

Now with new link…

Mediafire gets the GASFACE – Ice T would be gutted to know I had uploaded this…

Kemistry & Storm – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio One – Feb 97

RIP Kemistry

Metalheadz up in BBC Radio 1, Feb 97 for another One in the Jungle special…

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio 1 – May 97

RIP Stevie Hyper D – Junglist Soldier

Shame this recording overloads a little, as this captures Stevie Hyper D in his prime, along with his spar Nicky Blackmarket.

Phantasy 92 mix

Another mix that I have no idea where it came from, this time with DJ Phantasy…

Ratty – Fantazia Showcase 27.11.92

Ratty was one of my favourite djs, when I first got into hardcore. DJ Hype was certainly well known with his Hip Hop style of mixing, but Ratty was the one for me.

Thanks to classof808 for the image.

Carl Cox 92 mix

This is the b-side to the recent Nipper mix, again no idea where this was recorded (and its not a 1st gen recording either, so is a bit ropey). I’m guessing somewhere in Birmingham as its got Lenny on the mic.

Sorry Carl, you might be the governor, but that is a terribly staged pic!