April/May 1991

First post of 2013!

This is another compo and this time the Delorian is set for April/May 1991. Fine vintage, I was busy revising for my A levels and this little lot were percolating the airwaves….

Side A
Nicky Nicole – Sexuality
KMD – Who me?
Silver Bullet – Guns of mind
Michie Mee – Jamaican funk
Black Sheep – But in the meantime
Kings of Swing – Ya know I love ya
? – One and only
De La Soul – Keepin the faith
QRZ – ?
London Posse – Money Mad
De La Soul – ?
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels

Side B
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels (continued)
Leaders Of The New School – Case of the PTA
MC Me One – Got to have it
Sly & The Family Stone loop
3rd Bass – Derelicts of dialect
De LA Soul – Is dead
Main Source – Hangin’ out (remix)
11:59 – Digi
Ice T – Original gangster
3rd Bass – Pop goes the weasel
Ragga Twins – Illegal gunshot
Caveman – Slippery sucker
Brand Nubian & KMD – Nitty gritty



One Response to April/May 1991

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, I really like that first song but can’t seem to find anything about it. Did it even exist? lol
    Anyways, great collection, keep ’em coming!

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