February 1989

Nice bit of WBLS Chuck Chillout and DJ Cheese live in Nottingham, courtesy of Notts pirate Heatwave.

Side A

BDP - Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs - Break North
Top Billin MCs - Straight from the soul
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Got the funk
Young MC - I let em know
Def Jef - On the real tip
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin

Side B
Ice T - Hunted Child
B Fats - Music Maestro
Stetsasonic - Pen & paper
Sugar Bear - Ready to penetrate
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Ugly people be quiet
Everlast - Syndication
Ms Melodie - Sing all night
B Boys - Rock the house
Chuck Chillout WBLS mix
? - Portrait of a rap star
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin
3D - Increase the peace
DJ Cheese - Live at Rock City, Notts
Cold Crush Brothers - Trooper

Now with new link…


Mediafire gets the GASFACE – Ice T would be gutted to know I had uploaded this…


4 Responses to February 1989

  1. IRISH CRAIG says:

    Ayo SH, as ever homie stromey, cheers for the time taken to up, sadly im gettin a weird error message…

    Some weird ‘Permission Denied’ page shows up when I go to the link

    Any help apprees’hd fella


    • statichiss says:

      Weird, thats never happended before, I put a tracklst in the zip, maybe thats why…news link upstairs anyway. Thanks for letting me know Irish Craig & Scjoha

  2. scjoha says:

    Yo, mediafire took down the link. Please re-up on a filehoster that is not scared like fuckin mediafire. Your tapes are appreciated!

  3. IRISH CRAIG says:

    Cheers fella. Always appreciated. CL

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