Kemistry & Storm – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio One – Feb 97

RIP Kemistry

Metalheadz up in BBC Radio 1, Feb 97 for another One in the Jungle special…


DJ Rap & Ratpack – New Dawn, Siganal Radio, Stoke on Trent

Used to love sundays nights back then, spinning the dial to listen to a combination of Leaky Fresh, New Dawn and Mix Factory. So many good memories.

This ones for you, manchester crew

December 1991

Another compilation tape, this time from December 1991. The tracklist below is exactly as written on the inlay, some of these I know are not strictly correct, but I liked the idea of transcribing it as I wrote it back then!

Side A
Run DMC – Beats to the rhyme
Ice Cube – ?
Tuff Crew – North town vilains
Godfather Don -Read the lines
Watermelon Man – Another one for you to envy
Scarface – A born killer
Leaders of the New School – Levels of imagination
Home T & Cocoa T – Hip Hop
Noddy Ranks – Word Up
Mr Tongue Twista – Word up
D Nice – Cant stop the flow
Slick Rick – King (remix)
Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes – Come on down
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’

Side B
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
Del – ?
Mr Tongue Twista – Incredible
Del – Mr Doblener (remix)
4PM – Shes in there
Lord Finesse – Return of the funky man
Outlaw – Outlaws theme
Outlaw – Sons of the devil
Sir Mix A Lot – One times got no case
A Tribe Called Quest – We got the jazz
Red Ninja FBI – Killin at hellz gate
Juvenile Committee

Mampi Swift – BBC Radio One in the Jungle – June 1997

Mampi swift up at One in the Jungle…someone requested this recently…so out to you!

Twitter feed

Finally got round to setting up a new twitter feed for posts on here…

Don’t call it a comeback!

Well it’s not. I’ve never felt the need to blog before, after all I really don’t have anything profound to share with the world. So this is definitely not a comeback, ok!

I’ve been getting some great tapes from various sites for a while now and today realised that its time I started to share some of the tapes I’ve got sitting round in boxes in my loft.

Hopefully someone will enjoy them in the future as much as I have over the years.