Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio 1 – May 97

RIP Stevie Hyper D – Junglist Soldier

Shame this recording overloads a little, as this captures Stevie Hyper D in his prime, along with his spar Nicky Blackmarket.


Phantasy 92 mix

Another mix that I have no idea where it came from, this time with DJ Phantasy…

Ratty – Fantazia Showcase 27.11.92

Ratty was one of my favourite djs, when I first got into hardcore. DJ Hype was certainly well known with his Hip Hop style of mixing, but Ratty was the one for me.

Thanks to classof808 for the image.

Carl Cox 92 mix

This is the b-side to the recent Nipper mix, again no idea where this was recorded (and its not a 1st gen recording either, so is a bit ropey). I’m guessing somewhere in Birmingham as its got Lenny on the mic.

Sorry Carl, you might be the governor, but that is a terribly staged pic!

Nipper 92 mix

No idea where this tape originiates from, but it features manc legend DJ Nipper. Sounds like 91/92 to me, but as it wasn’t labeled its hard to be sure.

For anyone interested, this is tape 169. I think I have about another 130ish to go and I’m aiming to get them all done this year…lets see how that goes!

April/May 1991

First post of 2013!

This is another compo and this time the Delorian is set for April/May 1991. Fine vintage, I was busy revising for my A levels and this little lot were percolating the airwaves….

Side A
Nicky Nicole – Sexuality
KMD – Who me?
Silver Bullet – Guns of mind
Michie Mee – Jamaican funk
Black Sheep – But in the meantime
Kings of Swing – Ya know I love ya
? – One and only
De La Soul – Keepin the faith
QRZ – ?
London Posse – Money Mad
De La Soul – ?
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels

Side B
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels (continued)
Leaders Of The New School – Case of the PTA
MC Me One – Got to have it
Sly & The Family Stone loop
3rd Bass – Derelicts of dialect
De LA Soul – Is dead
Main Source – Hangin’ out (remix)
11:59 – Digi
Ice T – Original gangster
3rd Bass – Pop goes the weasel
Ragga Twins – Illegal gunshot
Caveman – Slippery sucker
Brand Nubian & KMD – Nitty gritty

Grooverider & L Double Kiss 100 – March 1997

North meets South on this tape – jungle was waning for me this year, techstep I liked at first, DJ Trace mutant remix was fire, but by summer 97 it was done (for me anyway).

Still merry christmas all!