Ratpack – Fantazia, Castle Donington – 25.06.92

Fantazia, my first rave. Life changing, say no more!

Ratpack played the final set of the night on the main stage, as the sun came up…



Ratty – Fantazia Showcase 27.11.92

Ratty was one of my favourite djs, when I first got into hardcore. DJ Hype was certainly well known with his Hip Hop style of mixing, but Ratty was the one for me.

Thanks to classof808 for the image.


Slipmatt & DJ Sy – Fantazia – 15.05.92

Slipmatt (the pony taled master) and DJ Sy, live at:


Ellis Dee – Fantazia 25.07.92

Recording from my very first rave…what a night that was!


DJ SY & Ratty – Fantazia 15.05.92

Another Fantazia Summertime classic tape, this time the inimitable DJ SY and Ratty. The time from Matchams Park Stadium in Bournemouth.

I bought this tape at the first ‘rave’ I went to, Fantazia – One Step BEyond at Donnington Park in July 1992….aahh good times! Out to the fantazia crew and the girl who was brought on stage at 6am as it was her 4th birthday!

DJ SY & Ratty – Fantazia 15.05.92

Donovan ‘Bassline’ Smith, DJ Sy & Ratty – Fantazia

This is an odd one. I think this might be my first ever ‘rave’ tape, so I’m guessing its from late ’91 / early ’92. The quality isn’t fantastic I’m afraid, but as I plan on putting all my tapes up here, here it is!