DJ Hype Kiss100 30 October 1996

DJ Hype holding it down on his regular Kiss 100 jungle show.

As always contains some classics and Hypes trademark wit.


Dingwalls Xmas 1990 Throwdown – Feat Daddy Freddy & Hardnoise

This one comes courtesy of my man Repo136 of aging b-boys unite blog. About 20 years ago repo used to run the wonderful juice fanzine, around that time I picked this tape up from him. This is the A side, which features an ‘interesting’ rap battle and two vintage PA’s from the inimitable Daddy Freddy and Hardnoise.

I’ve experimented tonight with mixcloud, but its also downloadable from the usual place:

Grooverider & L Double Kiss 100 – March 1997

North meets South on this tape – jungle was waning for me this year, techstep I liked at first, DJ Trace mutant remix was fire, but by summer 97 it was done (for me anyway).

Still merry christmas all!