DJ SS & Mental Power – One in the Jungle – Dec 96

Leicesters finest DJ SS (or DJ 55 as I remember someone regret calling him!) in the mix for BBC Radio 1


Kemistry & Storm – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio One – Feb 97

RIP Kemistry

Metalheadz up in BBC Radio 1, Feb 97 for another One in the Jungle special…

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio 1 – May 97

RIP Stevie Hyper D – Junglist Soldier

Shame this recording overloads a little, as this captures Stevie Hyper D in his prime, along with his spar Nicky Blackmarket.

DJ Force (Japan) & MC Navigator – One in the Jungle – June 97

Google reveals absolutely nothing about the mysterious DJ Force, so let the music do the talking…

Dr S Gachet & Jack Smooth – One in the Jungle Dec 96

Dr S Gachet & Jack Smooth live in session from the Audio Maze studio, back to back for 90 minutes on One in the Jungle.

Aphrodite – One in the Jungle – March 1997

Was this jump up? Does it matter? Lots of stone cold classics on this one, can remember one foot skanking to these!

LTJ Bukem – One in the Jungle – March 96

LTJ Bukem floats into BBC Radio One in March 1996, surrounded by white ice (might have made that bit up)…but heres the audio record: