DJ Beatdown – various mixes

This was the b-side to the “recently” posted Dingwalls xmas jam tape.

If i remember rightly, this was through the juice magazine connection (shouts to Repo136 @ Aging B-Boys Unite).

Anyway heres the tape..enjoy.


February 1989

Nice bit of WBLS Chuck Chillout and DJ Cheese live in Nottingham, courtesy of Notts pirate Heatwave.

Side A

BDP - Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs - Break North
Top Billin MCs - Straight from the soul
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Got the funk
Young MC - I let em know
Def Jef - On the real tip
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin

Side B
Ice T - Hunted Child
B Fats - Music Maestro
Stetsasonic - Pen & paper
Sugar Bear - Ready to penetrate
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Ugly people be quiet
Everlast - Syndication
Ms Melodie - Sing all night
B Boys - Rock the house
Chuck Chillout WBLS mix
? - Portrait of a rap star
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin
3D - Increase the peace
DJ Cheese - Live at Rock City, Notts
Cold Crush Brothers - Trooper

Now with new link…

Mediafire gets the GASFACE – Ice T would be gutted to know I had uploaded this…

April/May 1991

First post of 2013!

This is another compo and this time the Delorian is set for April/May 1991. Fine vintage, I was busy revising for my A levels and this little lot were percolating the airwaves….

Side A
Nicky Nicole – Sexuality
KMD – Who me?
Silver Bullet – Guns of mind
Michie Mee – Jamaican funk
Black Sheep – But in the meantime
Kings of Swing – Ya know I love ya
? – One and only
De La Soul – Keepin the faith
QRZ – ?
London Posse – Money Mad
De La Soul – ?
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels

Side B
Son Of Berzerk -The band get skippy on the wheels (continued)
Leaders Of The New School – Case of the PTA
MC Me One – Got to have it
Sly & The Family Stone loop
3rd Bass – Derelicts of dialect
De LA Soul – Is dead
Main Source – Hangin’ out (remix)
11:59 – Digi
Ice T – Original gangster
3rd Bass – Pop goes the weasel
Ragga Twins – Illegal gunshot
Caveman – Slippery sucker
Brand Nubian & KMD – Nitty gritty

Jeff Young – National Fresh 28.12.90 (last ever show)

Jeff Young, UK hip hop radios forgotten man. If you didn’t live in the capital or near a decent pirate, you were stuck with BBC Radio 1. Before Pete Tong dominated Friday nights on R1, Jeff kicked the doors in with his Big Beat show, of which the last hour was National Fresh. I was introduced to so many dope tunes by Jeffs dulcet tones and this is sadly Jeffs last show on Radio 1.

Beats, Rhymes and basslines….


Young MC - I come off
BDP - Ya know the rules
Hijack - Style warriors revenge
A tribe called quest - Bonnita Applebum
Master Ace - I got ta
Run DMC - Whats it all about
LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out
King Bee - Back by dope demand
Public Enemy - Welcome to the terrordome
Blade - Mind of an ordinary citizen
NWA - 100 miles and runnin

December 1990

Just in case you have forgot just how good December 1990 was…


First Frontal Assualt - Hits from small arms fire
Gangstarr - Just to get a rep
? - The swing
Gangstarr - Whos gonna take the weight
Ice Cube - Jackin for beats
Gangstarr - Check the technique
? - Back to the point
Fixed Penalty - Man of action
Brand Nubian - Concerto in X minor
Big Daddy Kane - Keep em on the floor
Brand Nubian - Slow down
Ice Cube - Jackin for beats
Brand Nubian - One for all
? - Family of People

June / July 1991

…and now we return to the classics…

Side A

Big Daddy Kane - Keep em on the floor
Heavy D - Dont curse
Son of bazerk - Its called...
Jazzy Jeff - Summertime
3rd Bass & Chubb Rock - Kick em in the grill
Ragga Twins - Jugglin
KMD - Misterhood
Ice T - Lifestyles
Cut 2 Kll - Jus Coolin (remix)
Tuff Crew - Jimmy Crackhorn
Subsonic 2 - Unsung Heroes
MBP Posse - It dont mean a thing
Breaks mix

Side BRedhead Kingpin - Love thing
Darren Deair - Just watch me
Dodge City - Aint going for that
Black Radical - My radix point
Naughty by nature - OPP
Brotherhood - Just a manifester
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Good life
Cookie Crew - Secret of success
Stanrick - Easy my youth
Black Sheep - In the mean time
Naughty By Nature - OPP
Heavy D - Peaceful Journey

February / March 1991

Side A

Redhead Kingpin - ?
Hardnoise - Mice in the presence of the lion
Rappa Grove - On the soul tip
Interview with MSD and the Rappa Groove
Krispy 3 - The Sound
Redhead Kingpin - All about red
Redhead Kingpin - We don't have a plan B
K Solo - Fugitive
Eric B & Rakim - Back to the lab
Brooklyn Slang - ?
Comptons most wanted - ?
Caveman - Fry you like fish (remix)
K Solo - Tales from the crackside

Side B
Eric B & Rakim - Let the rhythm hit em
Lakim Shabazz - See a devil, smash em
Criminal Minds - Guilty
Louis Farakhan mix
Chubb Rock - Whats the word
? - I got style
Leaders of the new school - PTA
? - Family
? - ?
Steady B - Girls gonna get
Chubb Rock - Sayin nuthin
Low Profile - Doin this together