February 1989

Nice bit of WBLS Chuck Chillout and DJ Cheese live in Nottingham, courtesy of Notts pirate Heatwave.

Side A

BDP - Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs - Break North
Top Billin MCs - Straight from the soul
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Got the funk
Young MC - I let em know
Def Jef - On the real tip
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin

Side B
Ice T - Hunted Child
B Fats - Music Maestro
Stetsasonic - Pen & paper
Sugar Bear - Ready to penetrate
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Ugly people be quiet
Everlast - Syndication
Ms Melodie - Sing all night
B Boys - Rock the house
Chuck Chillout WBLS mix
? - Portrait of a rap star
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin
3D - Increase the peace
DJ Cheese - Live at Rock City, Notts
Cold Crush Brothers - Trooper

Now with new link…


Mediafire gets the GASFACE – Ice T would be gutted to know I had uploaded this…


Mr Magic – Rapattack – WBLS – Spring 1989

The official voice, live on WBLS sometime in spring 89 I think (sorry tape is mislabeled as Unknown WBLS 1988 and not tagged – must try harder!).


Marley Marl – WBLS 14.07.89.zip

Whos in control? Marley Marls In Control on WBLS – YES! More golden era goodness from the archives.

Anyone know what happened to the In Control DVD that was supposed to be coming out?


Kevie Kev & T-Money – WBLS – 12-07-91

Tape four, this time Kevie Kev blessin’ WBLS in 1991.


Marley Marl – In Control – Spring 1989 (?) – WBLS

3rd in the series of 6 NY Radio tapes from Dave the Ruf back in the day. This one is listed on Multiupload as being unknown as when I ripped it I wasn’t listening to it, but after listening to it this morning, its Marley Marls In Control show.

From the gems being dropped (Masta Ace, Gangstarr, 3D etc), it sounds like spring 1989 to me, with possibly Pete Rock on the wheels.


Mr Magic – WBLS 20.12.86

RIP Super Rockin Mr Magic

WBLS and Juice Crew legend Mr Magic! This is part of a NY Radio 6 tape pack that I got from Dave the Ruf, about 15 years ago. All the rest are to come but for now, all there is to say is…if you dont know Mr Magic, then you don’t know £$%!


Laby B, Charlie Chase & Funkmaster Flex – WBLS 01.11.90

Another WBL kickin S tape that I picked up from Arcade Records in Nottingham back in the day, still sounding good. I listened to this last night and Kings of Swing’s “Nod Your Head To This” (such a nice break), didn’t fail to deliver.

Howo depressing is that ^ logo though from their website though, “#1 station for R&B”…how times have changed.