Jim Masters – Essential Mix – December 1999

Nice little techno mix here from Jim Masters, remember this as a nice late night tape.


Merry Christmas all!


Joey Beltram & Dream Frequency – Galactica – 09.10.92

Not the best quality this one, but I cant say I noticed at the time..

Thanks to rave flyers for the image.


Aphrodite – One in the Jungle – March 1997

Was this jump up? Does it matter? Lots of stone cold classics on this one, can remember one foot skanking to these!


DJ Scribble – BBC Radio One Rap Show 1997

Traffic Jams DJ Scribble up at Westwoods gaff again, in 1997. This one is for whoever reached out asking for more Scribble (sorry its took so long!).


Kool FM (Birmingham) 97/98

I think this one dates from 97/98, its the brum pirate Kool FM (good name, wonder how they came up with that one!). Ripped this a while ago, but I think Trigga is on mic duties.


Chris Goldfinger – Revival Session Four Oct 96

I think this is the last of my Revival Session tapes, this one was broadcast in October 1996 and features some true gems!


goldie presents… the metalheadz sessions (muzik magazine tape 1996)

Ok, here we go, finally got round to ripping some more tapes. What can I say, life is busy!

This one was a freebie with muzik magazine in 1996 and the t/l is:

Rufige Crew – Hornet 127
Photek – Into the 90’s
Lemon D – Urban Style Music
Doc Scott – Blue Skies
J Majik – Your Sound
Hidden Agenda – Pressin’ On
Dilinja – Jah No Ya Big
Source Direct – A Mad Up Sound

And the link is