DJ Hype Kiss100 30 October 1996

DJ Hype holding it down on his regular Kiss 100 jungle show.

As always contains some classics and Hypes trademark wit.

Ratpack – Fantazia, Castle Donington – 25.06.92

Fantazia, my first rave. Life changing, say no more!

Ratpack played the final set of the night on the main stage, as the sun came up…

DJ Beatdown – various mixes

This was the b-side to the “recently” posted Dingwalls xmas jam tape.

If i remember rightly, this was through the juice magazine connection (shouts to Repo136 @ Aging B-Boys Unite).

Anyway heres the tape..enjoy.

Dingwalls Xmas 1990 Throwdown – Feat Daddy Freddy & Hardnoise

This one comes courtesy of my man Repo136 of aging b-boys unite blog. About 20 years ago repo used to run the wonderful juice fanzine, around that time I picked this tape up from him. This is the A side, which features an ‘interesting’ rap battle and two vintage PA’s from the inimitable Daddy Freddy and Hardnoise.

I’ve experimented tonight with mixcloud, but its also downloadable from the usual place:

DJ SS & Mental Power – One in the Jungle – Dec 96

Leicesters finest DJ SS (or DJ 55 as I remember someone regret calling him!) in the mix for BBC Radio 1

February 1989

Nice bit of WBLS Chuck Chillout and DJ Cheese live in Nottingham, courtesy of Notts pirate Heatwave.

Side A

BDP - Jack of Spades
Ultramagnetic MCs - Break North
Top Billin MCs - Straight from the soul
Alliance - ?
Alliance - Got the funk
Young MC - I let em know
Def Jef - On the real tip
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin

Side B
Ice T - Hunted Child
B Fats - Music Maestro
Stetsasonic - Pen & paper
Sugar Bear - Ready to penetrate
DJ Cash Money & MC Marvelous - Ugly people be quiet
Everlast - Syndication
Ms Melodie - Sing all night
B Boys - Rock the house
Chuck Chillout WBLS mix
? - Portrait of a rap star
Top Billin MCs - Top Billin
3D - Increase the peace
DJ Cheese - Live at Rock City, Notts
Cold Crush Brothers - Trooper

Now with new link…

Mediafire gets the GASFACE – Ice T would be gutted to know I had uploaded this…

Kemistry & Storm – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio One – Feb 97

RIP Kemistry

Metalheadz up in BBC Radio 1, Feb 97 for another One in the Jungle special…

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D – One in the Jungle – BBC Radio 1 – May 97

RIP Stevie Hyper D – Junglist Soldier

Shame this recording overloads a little, as this captures Stevie Hyper D in his prime, along with his spar Nicky Blackmarket.

Phantasy 92 mix

Another mix that I have no idea where it came from, this time with DJ Phantasy…

Ratty – Fantazia Showcase 27.11.92

Ratty was one of my favourite djs, when I first got into hardcore. DJ Hype was certainly well known with his Hip Hop style of mixing, but Ratty was the one for me.

Thanks to classof808 for the image.